Alkaram Lawn 2014 | Alkaram Studio Chffon Lawn Collection 2014 Vol-2

Yet; women's haven't forgot the charm of Alkaram Lawn Collection 2014 The Joy of Spring Volume 1 February, and Alkaram Lawn has introduced a new chiffon lawn fabric in The Joy of Spring Lawn March edition under the Al-Karam spring summer lawn dress collection 2014. This is another classy collection of Al-Karam on lawn chiffon dresses with 7 intricate prints. The Alkaram New Chiffon Lawn Collection Vol-2 consists on chiffon charm, digital single version with stole, splendor white, nouvelle collection, mix and match collection, avant garde and splendor shades.Alakram Shifon charm based on three piece chiffon suits with classy fabric and embroidery that components the prints with intricate patterns. Alkaram brought a eye catchy prints with variety of patterns and diverse color scheme with the key of success sophistication. Alkaram Designer has customized these dresses for modern wardrobe in which no place for common prints. So latest Alkaram summer collection 2014 would fill the closet with pretty chiffon prints inspired with lawn by signature style of Alkaram Lawn 2014.

Alkaram Studio Summer Lawn Collection 2014 Vol-2

 Chiffon Open Shirt / Long Shirts

 Alkaram Embroiderer Chiffon Dresses

Alkaram Studio Chiffon Collection 2014

 Alkaram Studio Chiffon Lawn for Summer

Digital Prints Single Version

Al karam digital prints single version include vibrant, bright colors go hand-in-hand with modern designs to create a masterful mix of youth and class with digital by Alkaram Lawn. Splendor White collection is the result of alkaram expertise shines through latest designs featuring unique embroidery that gives you the true meaning of sophistication and class. Alakarm Nouvelle collection is presented with abstract prints that catch the eye, full of color and energy. perfect for the modern women of today. Mix and match is the unique designs of Chiffon Lawn puts power in your hands with two separate prints allowing the designer in you to choose what goes where. Avant Gard is black and white collection is gem. with embroidery that classy truly one of a kind. Splendor shades offer single version prints to give you the options with or without embroidery and flexibility to compliment Alkaram Lawn prints with whatever you like, be it trouser, churidar or tights.

Splendor White Lawn

Printed Lawn Designs

Alkaram Nouvelle Collection 2014 Vol-2

Nouvelle Fashion by Al-Karam

Sleeveless Lawn Prints

Mix & Match Collection by Alkaram Studio

Two Shaded Lawn Prints

 Alkaram Avant Garde Chiffon Lawn

Black and White Lawn Chiffon Dress

Chffon Lawn Collection 2014

Splendor Shades

Alkaram Lawn Joy of Spring Chiffon Lawn

Embroidered Lawn by Al-Karam

Alkaram The Joy Of Spring Volume 2

Alkaram Lawn Chffon Collection 2014 Vol-2