Grapes Lawn Kurta Collection 2014 | Sleeveless Lawn Kurta / Kurti, Poncho Styles 2014

Grapes the Brand” is glad to announce the new arrivals of new season for the needs of smart casuals. Grapes Clothing is famous as teen fashion; Because it creates the tricky teenage clothes that hold the latest trends. This season it has introduced best summer dresses in Grapes Summer Collection 2014; in which The brand has distributed assorted range of Lawn Kurta, Self-Lawn 2014, Grapes Lawn Kurti, Grapes Poncho Style Shirts with Vertical Embroidery pattern, Grapes women kurta with front V applique designer and collar neck, and Grapes Sleeveless Lawn Kurta Collection 2014. Over all Grapes Lawn Collection 2014 consists Sleeveless Kurta, Kurti Designs, and Poncho styles has been molded with current fashion. Have a Look.

Grapes Lawn Sleeveless Kurta Collection 2014

Lawn Kurta with Small Scoop-Neckline

Grapes Sleeveless Kurtas are made on Lawn fabric, with small scoop necklines and new designs to set a own fashion trend in market, embellished with applique and black strips work on front part of lawn shirts.

Grapes Kurta Dresses 2014

Collection of Lawn Kurta by Grapes

Drop Corner Kurtis / Tail Kurtis

Grapes Lawn drop corners kurti are the designs of tail shirts, in these kurti front open styles with pleated yoke has been introduced with block printed on velvet cuff sleeves.

Grapes Lawn Kurti

Applique Kurta Style with Collar Neck

Grapes women kurta designs are the blend of lawn and velvet, the kurta's carry front V applique and collar neckline with folding sleeves.

Women Kurta Fashion by Grapes

Embroidered Poncho Styles Kurta

Grapes Poncho Styles Shirts are the most trendiest teenage clothes, in which poncho pattern kurti has been introduced with  Vertical Embroidery pattern in a reasonable prices.

Poncho Styles 2014 in Grapes Lawn Kurta