Shaista Lodhi Lawn Dresses 2014 | Shaista Wahidi Lawn 2014

Shaista Lodhi once again have emerged on Lawn Dresses 2014 campaign for Mj Lawn Collection 2014 by Tawakkal Fabrics. This is the Volume-2 of Tawakkal Fabrics Lawn 2014; in which, fashion brand has introduced simple lawn designs filled with superb creativity of Sindhi handicrafts with mosaic, floral, tribal leaf, geometric monochrome, feathers patterns on lawn, Swiss voile, cotton fabrics. Moreover the Shaista Lodhi Lawn Dresses 2014 has been garnished with Charr Soti tanka, Sindhi Boti, Ajrak craft and Hyderabadi Machine Embroidery Designs. In addition presentation by Shaista Wahidi has given 5 star touch to lawn collection 2014. Actually it;s a Mj lawn but in women's these lawn dresses are known as Shaista Wahidi Lawn 2014. Have a glance.

Sindhi Art Inspired Shaista Lodhi Lawn

 Lodhi Lawn Dresses 2014

Shaista Wahidi Lawn Prints-14

Shaista Lodhi Lawn Vol-2

Fresh Designs of Shaista Wahidi Lawn

Char Soti Tanka on Lawn Dresses

 Sindhi Embroidery on Shaista Dresses

 Tawakkal Fabrics MJ Lawn 2014

 A Line Dress of Shaista Wahidi

Tawakkal Lawn Prints

Shaista Lawn

Party Wear Shaista Wahidi Lawn

Shaista Wahidi Lawn 2014